About Me

Well there's a lot I could say about myself, yet at the same time there really is nothing for me to say. So I'll start at the beginning, I'm Emma, a normal and average person roaming around the Earth wondering how, or more importantly if there is any way to make my mark on this planet (without selling myself to the media or taking over the world) in the short amount of time there is. I'm really no-one special. I'm no celebrity, super model, actress nor anybody infamous. Although, having said that, I do believe I am unique in my own way.

I have always been creative and imagined to create the impossible, mostly taking note of these ideas to refer back to at a later date when I'll be able to create it for real. Who knew that creating dens and believing in myths and magic, playing video games and watching films, notably Disney (which would lead to me sometimes pretending to be a Disney Princess) can influence you so much? Throughout the past twenty-one years, everything's come to me at relative ease, I've known the options I've wanted to take and since High School known I want to bring out my creative side and become artistic in some way, hopefully having a dream job being creative everyday.

I thought long and hard about the possibilities, I could become a painter or sculptor. Or what if I combined what I love to do with the creativity I want to achieve everyday:

Games + Film + Creativity = Study Digital Animation

So for the past three years I have studied a very creative field and gained an honours degree in Digital Animation. Never did I know (nor my mum for that matter) that playing games and watching films and cartoons all the time would actually help me get onto a track that will take me on a journey to where I want to be. Just when I started to think that these things aren't going to help me, I couldn't be more wrong. Not only did I learn some awesome and interesting facts, and discovered ancient places while sitting front of the TV, but also it wasn't the watching the game or film itself that fascinated me, but what went on "underneath the hood" what actually goes into making what you see on screen is what fascinated me the most. Having said that you no longer awe at the pretty films and stunning visuals in the same way again. 

After testing out the many areas I always thought I'd love to do as a career, from idea to final product, scriptwriting to background design, 2D animation to storyboarding and 3D modelling to lighting, they never quite interested me enough. I'm still going to dabble around in these things when time allows me to, but I found  two areas that have interested me the most. Concept art, design and illustrating and the world of 3D animation. And this is where from now on, I'm going to spend my time, refining the skills I've learnt and continuing to learn the various techniques and principles and take this to a professional level.

So I'm Emma, I consider myself a little special in my own way and I will always work hard at what I love to do. I love to read books and escape into action adventures or travel on epic fantasy journeys. I love to write and create and I have started to embark on an adventure myself writing my first book. I always love to draw inspiration from the world and its natural beauty to design and produce my work, from the variation in landscape to the variety of culture. I love to draw and illustrate but most of all I love to animate, to strive to depict what we already know. To study and watch people and how they act and interact with others and translate it into animation is an art and I wish to continue exploring and learning this art. So that's me, in a little nutshell, oh and I mustn't forget that which inspired me: I love video games and lots and lots of films :)