Thursday, 25 August 2011

Sketching is Underway

Yay! Awesome things are happening now. Well, I say awesome, but they're just a few quick sketches with a pretty naff pencil (2H) as I couldn't find anything else, so it's all a bit light. The first one is alright apart from proportion issues with her eyes, they're a bit poppy outy. But that's because I didn't have a rubber so I just had to hope for the best and it turned out better than I thought 'cause everytime I've drawn people and faces before, I definitely need a rubber. The last sketch I did is the one I'm most pleased with. I'm happy, happy about it :) And I got two pictures for the second sketch I did (whole and close-up) to make up for the poor attempt I did with the first lady's face.

I think now I've warmed up a bit to drawing people again, I'll carry on with a couple more (hopefully with a better pencil range) and plug them into photoshop for a bit of rendering. Maybe. If I can get my skills up. Enjoy :) Oh and please excuse my poor photographing skills, the light source was terrible, that's what you get when you're away from a scanner, ah well.

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