Friday, 26 August 2011

The 'B' Range Pencils

So on with another day, and in-between doing, planning and thinking about doing stuff, I had a little sketchy time this afternoon. I've been gathering up plenty of inspiration pics for concept and illustration work, and a couple for my sketchy pieces.

And I must say, today has been much better. I managed to get my hands on some 'B' range pencils to get those bolder lines and a bigger shading range, and my work looks a lot better now. Minus the fact that scanning is much better than taking photos of work. It's better in person. Enjoy :)

As I was drawing my little piece today I also had a small moment or two reminiscing the good old times where only the HB pencil prevailed. I remember starting out in primary school with my HB pencil during art, and the other classes, namely maths. (I couldn't believe it when I found out you had to write out sums in pen at High School. At 10 I was pretty shocked :P ) Then as you move up year by year in High School you become exposed to these 'others' that are available to you, to do great things with. By GCSE all the HB was left for, was during the mapping out of a piece.

At A-Level, it was outlawed. HB became infamous and it was utterly unspoken of to be caught using one, and this is where the 'H' range played a better and far bigger role. It started to be used in light shading and mostly as the base for a final piece or an outline to adhere to when shading.

Ah, HB, the times we had. Never fear though, I'm pretty sure your still the most popular choice of pencil in life when it comes to everything but professional Art.

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