Sunday, 5 December 2010

A post that has been long overdue ...

So on my travels through the on-line world of concept art, (there was just way too much stuff to take in at once) and a massive headache (which had better go) I took a break and sifted through the 'My Pictures' folder on my laptop, to see if there was anything good on offer. Among the amazing concept inspiration stuff and odd photographs of the sea, I settled for a look at my old life-drawing pieces. Noticing I hadn't posted these pictures at the end of last term, I decided to name the blog post title as such and share them now.

My skills in life drawing have the potential to be pushed much further, and are nearly there in producing some really lovely work but since time has been a priority in other areas term I feel I've missed out on producing some really good work. Hopefully next term it shall be different, and I haven't gotten too rusty.